What is the Best Internet Provider in 2017?

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What Is The Best Internet Provider

Fast internet provider is like one of primary needs nowadays. From simply basic internet for emailing or browsing to advanced needs such as online gaming, watching video, or others that need high speed connection. If you are curious what is the best internet provider lately? You can check the list below.

1. Cox

Starting our list, Cox comes up in no.5 as one of internet providers that offers high speeds that even exceed their advertised rates. Cox offers several internet speed plans range from minimum 5 to maximum 150Mbps.

You can get no activation fee (but the price will increase in 3 months) and get free cloud storage. But, it doesn’t provide DSL service and dial-up to rural areas.

2. AT&T

Fast DSL and fiber optic are one of the services offered by AT&T. The lack part is that its dial-up might not as fast as enough for today modern internet use and doesn’t available in all area yet.

However, AT&T now offer U-verse plan that provide high speed connections along with integrated features and professional-grade firewall. While using fiber optic network, you can get up to 1GB internet speeds.

3. Verizon Fios

As one of fiber optics internet connection providers, Verizon Fios is known providing fast and dependable internet plans. Although it’s only offers internet security as add-on without subscription, you can get high download and upload speeds from 50 to 500Mbps. Serving with strong customer support, you can request for more services include phone, mobile, TV, and internet in one bill.

The greatest offer is that all the internet plans have unlimited data. Since there is no limit, you can surf online as much as you can.

4. Time Warner Cable

As the second largest internet provider in U.S with more than 15 million customers, Time Warner Cable offers faster internet speeds compared to other average one. Its download speeds up to 300Mbps followed by its upload speeds up to 20Mbps. Time Warner Cable is offering 6 different internet plans, yet the high-speed plans aren’t available in all areas. You can also get free access of any available TWC Wi-Fi hotspot that very useful when you go far away from home.

However, you should prepare for a little bit pricier internet plans with additional charges of setup fees.

5. Comcast XFINITY

So, what is the best internet provider in 2017? The answer is Comcast, the largest home internet provider that provides services for more than 19 million of Americans.

Comcast offers its appealing internet plans with download speeds range from 10 to 2,000 Mbps which divided into more than six plans. All the plans has maximum limit of 1 TB. Supporting its high speed connection services, Comcast become everyone’s favorite for its low prices ($39.99 for the basic internet to $299 for pro plan).

Not only internet, you can also request for additional services such as TV or phone service. The only downside is you need to pay more for cancellation fees and not quite best customer services.

Do you already use Comcast XFINITY or the others ISP’s options above?

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