Recommended Internet Providers Pocatello Areas

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Internet Providers Pocatello

Are you living in Pocatello or near this area? Do you need high speed internet connections to keep up your online activities? If yes, you can check our list of recommended internet providers Pocatello areas to help you considering the one that you can choose for your home. Check out below.


Since the end of 2012, Verizon has expanded its service of internet providers Pocatello for 4G LTE network. Verizon (FiOS) has already known as one of the internet providers that provide high speeds connection. It has several internet plans range from 50 Mbps to 500 Mbps download and upload speeds. You will get unlimited data services that able to meet any your needs from simply browsing, online gaming, or video streaming. You can also opt for additional services include internet, phone, and TV services.


CenturyLink doesn’t offer a wide variety of internet plans. It has only 3 options include 7-4 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps download speeds. However, not all the plans are available in all areas. Although it only provide limited plans, but you can get maximum download speeds than other providers. You will get only 250GB data limits for internet services. For additional services, you can add home phone and DirectTV or PrismTV service. You can also expect to get long term discounts from their services.

Direct Communications

Direct communications is the only fiber internets that serve the customersspeeds connection as internet providers Pocatello of Southeast Idaho. You can get maximum 1GB speeds by yourself with no caps, no limits, and no throttling. Yet, sometimes some customers get bad experience of speeds fluctuations. However, it still provides you with fast-than-average class of internet providers in Idaho.

Cable One

Competing with other providers, Cable One comes up with reasonably prices for its services range from $50-$100. It has 3 internet plans include streaming (50 Mbps download speeds), premier (60 Mbps download speeds) and ultra (70 Mbps download speeds) options. The cons include professional installation requirement, expensive equipment leasing, and you can’t get live chat support included.


If you are interesting in bundling services, you can choose Dish. Yet, it has slightly lower download speeds than other providers, low data limits, and you can’t order the services online. Although the download speed isn’t dependable, but you expect for great upload rates for satellite internet up to 10 Mbps. Dish offers a big discount for you who want bundle the satellite internet with Dish Network TV along with its strong customer support.

Remember to always prepare for hidden fees such as early termination, installation, equipment least fees, and many more. The other options, you can also opt for fixed wireless providers such as SafeLink, Rise Broadband, and Speed Connect.

Pocatello is a quite rural areas, but high speeds connections demands are high. So, getting the best internet providers Pocatello areas is a need to be fulfilled. You can choose one of the available internet providers in Pocatello from the list above to connect your house.

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