The Fastest Internet Provider in USA

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Fastest Internet Provider

What are you thinking about internet? Indeed it is one of the important thing which all people need in this recent day. There are various activity that all people do with internet. Not only for social media, internet also can be used for business too.

That is why we can say that nowadays people cannot live without internet especially developed country like USA. Of course in USA there are so many things done by using internet. It is starting from communication to business need the fastest internet provider. That is why for those who look for it, the following information can help you much indeed.

To Choose Fastest Internet Provider

Talking more about choosing internet provider, usually there will be some considerations which you can think about. What are they? For the first one is you should think how fast the download and upload speed. It is very important to be considered actually. Here the fast internet provider of course those which give all of customers a high speed of both download and upload.
Another consideration will be the area where you live in. As the common thing that people face is that the low speed of internet for certain provider in certain area. It means that not all of the area will be good for all provider. Thus the best thing to do is knowing which provider becomes the fastest internet provider in your area.
For the next one is somehow about the use of it. In this case, you should know well why you need it internet. Here there are various aims why people need internet. For instance is internet will help them in supporting the business having been done. In this recent day there are many internet provider that offers internet connection that can be used for various things. Therefore not only for social media, but it can be used to support business as well. Thus, if you look for the provider indeed the best thing to do is by considering the the use of internet itself.

List of Fastest Internet Provider in USA

Moreover, according to the survey having been done, there are some provider that you can choose actually. Here is the list as follow.
This internet provider can give all users the highest download speed that is 125.53 Mbps. However, the upload speed is just 15.26.

2. Cox
In the next one there is Cox with 117.85 Mbps for download and 22.61 Mbps for upload. Indeed it is a good choice if you choose it actually.

3. Verizon Fios
For the next one is Verizon Fios in which the download speed is 88.4 Mbps and 93.64 for upload speed.

4. AT&T
Then there is AT&T in which it has 49.78 Mbps for download speed. Meanwhile the upload speed is 7.49 Mbps.

5. CenturyLink
Then another top 5 fastest internet provider is CenturyLink. Its download speed is 39.85 Mbps and the upload speed is 12.03 Mbps. Thus which one is your choice of internet provider?

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