High-Speed Cable Internet Providers in My Area

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Cable Internet Providers In My Area

Have you ever wondering which are the available high speed cable internet providers in my area? I guess you at least ever think once. People now days can’t live without internet connection.

Here is the following list of high speed cable internet providers you can choose according to your area.

Cable One

The first one on the list is Cable One. Not only high-speed cable internet, Cable One also provides telephone service and non-stop cable TV connection. All the service will charge you monthly payment so no needs to pay for ISP connections on day-to-day basis. Cable One also has offices almost in every local area which might only near your house.


Suddenlink also provide a super-fast with very much unlimited, uninterrupted, and securedinternet connection. So, you will feel an ease while watching HD online streaming or using it for smart television and other smart devices companion. The best thing is you can change the plans if you don’t feel satisfy with the services because you can get 30-days money back guarantee to your account.

Time Warner Cable (TWC)

If you are looking for large amount of videos with their high-speed data along with high quality voice services then TWC is the best option. This cable internet provider has created 15.9 million customer relations with 6.3 million residential voice subscribers, 10.8 million residential video subscribers and even more12.7 million residential high-speed data subscribers. You can understand why their services are really exclusive between the other providers out there.


For home and business users, RCN is quite popular provider, particularly for their excellent customer services and supports. Using RCN, you can enjoy their 100% digital broadcasting quality and experience world-class fiber optical cable connection which steady, excellent, and reliable. If you are looking for free videos on-demand, RCN will provide them to you.

Bright House Network

Bright House Network is placed as the 6th largest cable system operator in the US and the first cable operator to have designations of Cisco master service provider certifications. Their customer number reach 2.5 million which already used high-speed data, home security, videos, voice services, and automation with Bright House Network plans. They also offer advanced video quality with voice and data services along with cloud-based and managed services.

Cox Communications

For its telecommunications, digital cable televisions, and home automation services, Cox Communications is known as the 3rd largest provider in the US. More than 6.2 million customers, 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers, and 3.5 million Internet subscribers feel satisfy with its services.


Comcast is popular as the largest company with its highest revenue on broadcasting and largest cable providers in the world. They are the largest TV cable company and largest home Internet service provider which offer high-speed cable ISP. Comcast is also known as 2nd largest pay-tv company and 3rd largest home telephone service provider in the US. You already know why Comcast’s customers are all over the area.

So, have you choose from several options above to be your “this one is my best cable internet providers in my area?

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