Top 10 Best Internet Provider for Gaming

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Best Internet Provider for Gaming

Loading while doing online gaming is pretty stressing, isn’t it? For serious gamers, playing games online with strong internet connection is a big matter, especially when playing multiplayer online games. Your win or lose can be depended on this matter. Here is the list of best internet provider for gaming you can consider to use.

EPB Fiber Optics

In the list of Best Internet Provider for Gaming 2016, EPB topped the quality chart with least score of latency and jittery. If you know, Chattanooga or Tennessee, the first Gigabit Internet city in the country, EPB Fiber Optics is the provider that made them. EPB Fibers optics offers you the maximum download speeds up to 1,000Mbps.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is the consistent winner on Best Internet Provider for Gaming andits service. However, this year, its position is pushed down by EPB. The speed plan is available from minimum 0.5-1Mbps for download speeds up to 500Mbps with 100Mbps upload speeds. For single online gamers, you need minimum 5Mbps of download speed. Verizon Fios is also known for its broadband speed and reliability, although it might costs you a little bit more.

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is known for providing internet, phone, and television services through fiber optic cables network. In the past, everyone in the city look for it, yet because it uses fiber optic cables so it’s quite expensive and taking longer time for installation. Its internet plans is considered cheap, but still limited only to some areas. However, Google Fiber has the lowest jitter number from the list, so you can expect for the least buffers or loads. The download speeds offered by Google Fiber is the best that you can request from 5Mbps for basic internet up to maximum 1,000Mbps for Gigabit users.


There 4 internet access options from MetroCast. First is basic internet access with up to 1.5Mbps of download speeds. Second, High Speed Express reaches up to 5Mbps download speeds. Third, High Speed Turbo has the download speeds up to 50Mbps, while the last is High Speed Ultra reaches 150Mbps speeds.

Buckeye Broadband

BEX package includes several internet plans started from the BEXConnect for the basic internet.BEX50 is the most popular internet plan option for 50Mbps download and 3Mbps uploadspeeds, while with BEX50+ you can get more 5Mbps upload speeds with more internet data. Next, BEX100 has 100Mbps download speeds and BEX300 has maximum download speed for 300Mbps.

In the next list from no.6 to 10, there are Optimum Online, RCN, Grande Communications, Armstrong Cable, and Hotwire Fision. In the list, Hotwire Fision is positioned at the last because it has the highest number of latency and jitter which make its score down.

For doing games online, having internet connection with lowest latency is the most important. So, you need to choose one of those from the Best Internet Provider for Gaming list, of course, the one that available in your region, that offers the lowest latency and jitter to support your gaming activity. Speed up your connection to defeat your opponent.

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